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Properties in Marbella: the 4 keys to successfully sell or rent

With 40 years of experience in properties in Marbella, Pro Real Estate designs comprehensive strategies to highlight your property for sale or rent.

Renting properties in Marbella or selling villas in Guadalmina is not as easy as it seems. No matter how much demand there is in both areas. The Costa del Sol property market is demanding and competitive, full of chances for all types of buyers and tenants. Knowing how to market your property in Marbella is crucial to attracting interest and convincing demand.

There are many factors that affect the sale or rental of a property. A slightly high price, a poor presentation to the client or not knowing the value of the location can either stagnate it in the market or hide its potential. It is therefore essential to carry out a detailed study and valuation of each property in order to develop the sales and marketing strategy that best works. The goal is to attract trustworthy clients and achieve satisfactory agreements for all parties involved.
As a real estate agency in Marbella since 1985, at Pro Real Estate we know that the right fit of four key factors makes all the difference. Optimising and harnessing them is key to uncovering and showcasing the potential of your property, and thus gaining a client who agrees on its value.

How to highlight properties in Marbella when selling or renting

From the construction year to its height within a building. Even the smallest details affect the decisions of buyers and tenants. But beyond the personal criteria and preferences, there are four main elements that most determine transactions: the price, the state of conservation, the location and the promotional marketing.

1. Setting the right price

The price of the property for sale or rent in Marbella will always be the most important factor in any transaction. A fair, consistent and balanced price generates immediate reaction and facilitates a successful closing for the owner. In addition, setting the right price for your property in Marbella prevents mis-selling and helps to filter out the most promising clients.

At our Marbella real estate agency, Pro Real Estate, we carry out accurate valuations based on the needs of the owner, the attributes of the property, the local market situation, price trends, mortgage costs and the profile of the target client.

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2. State of preservation and presentation

It is not about decoration. The tastes of each inhabitant are very subjective. We are talking about how important it is to present a property in the best conditions of quality, order and cleanliness, whatever its aesthetics or interior design. In addition, highlighting the novelty, quality and innovation of a property and its construction materials is always an incentive for any buyer or tenant.

At Pro Real Estate we advise our owners to incorporate or enhance that added value for their properties in Marbella. To this end, we also attend to the needs and demands of potential clients. From small repairs to complete design proposals, every detail counts to create an elegant and home-loving ambience.

3. The location of the properties in Marbella

As in any town with a large and diverse urban landscape, the location of properties in Marbella is a determining factor in the buying and selling process. Knowing it is essential to anticipate the amount and type of demand for your property. Por Real Estate then designs the sales and marketing strategy to facilitate the earliest and most beneficial closing possible.

For example, properties on the beachfront or in exclusive areas concentrate a lot of demand. However, raising the price too much can stall the closing if the property does not offer other virtues or facilities.

With extensive experience in the Marbella space, Pro Real Estate knows each of its areas in detail, and takes advantage of its characteristics to create the best sales process. Our experience and commercial network specialise in the most exclusive areas of this Mediterranean enclave, with magnificent properties in Guadalmina, Benahavís, East Estepona and West Marbella.

4. Promotional listing and marketing

First impressions are key to attracting customers. A single image or a bad description can change everything. Apart from excellent sales professionals, at Pro Real Estate we are masters of real estate marketing. We take care to provide maximum visibility and positioning to our properties in Marbella, on and off the web. Starting with a professional photo and video shoot, we list the properties on the best real estate platforms such as Idealista, while advertising them in our office and own contacts network. We prepare personalised reports, guided tours and open house events so that potential clients can get to know our offer with guarantee and transparency.

When it comes to selling or renting properties in Marbella, Guadalmina and Estepona, the expertise and collaboration of a real estate agency like Pro Real Estate boost success and make the most of the transaction. By optimising price, property conditions, marketing activities and location-based marketing strategy, we attract the best clients and accelerate a successful closing for all parties. Reach us or visit us at our Guadalmina real estate office to learn more about the sales and rental opportunities available for your property in Marbella.